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lynda (USA: IL) : member bio

Name: lynda (USA: IL)
Userid: lynda202

Inventory: 18
Points: 26.2
Mooched/given: 1430/1142
Pending mooch/give: 2/3
Mooch ratio: 1.25:1

Wishlist: 483
Feedback: +1139
Smooches: 27
Charitable gifts: 12
Charity received: 7
Friends: 18
Cancelled requests: 151
Books receiving lost: 18
Books sending lost: 15
Rejected requests: 13

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2007/07/24
Last here: 15 hours ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 18

Status message:
my books come from estate sales and a used book store near me so i can't be sure if they have been in a smoking or pet household

all of my books are in good USED shape...some might be discarded library books (very few) .....most will probably have creasing along the spine but after all they have been read...i would not send out anything that i would not want to receive....if you want to know about a specific book please e-mail me....i usually mail books out on friday or saturday

there are smokers in the house so if this is a problem please don't mooch from me

if at all possible please try to mooch more than one book....i try to save on postage as much as possible.....thanks