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Lynda (USA: PA) : member bio

Name: Lynda (USA: PA) (on vacation)
Userid: llsgia0691

Inventory: 0
Points: 5
Mooched/given: 432/289
Pending mooch/give: 1/8
Mooch ratio: 1.45:1

Wishlist: 560
Feedback: +272
Smooches: 8
Charitable gifts: 1
Charity received: 4
Friends: 15
Cancelled requests: 61
Books receiving lost: 16
Books sending lost: 10
Rejected requests: 13

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2008/04/13
Last here: 86 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
December 30, 2009 I am finally back to normal after a bout of illness and a surgery. I am feeling better but just weak and so tired. I think I can get back into the swing of mailing books out again. There were days that I couldn't even get out of bed. However I am getting better every day. So feel free to mooch books, I do have a lot to chose from. PLEASE be patient with me when it comes to mailing out books. I am feeling overwelmed with how tired I am and not feeling 100% yet.

April 23rd update on my dog: My pal and best friend lost his courageous fight with life this morning. He passed away in the loving arms of my son. He was loved so much and I only hope he knew how much we all loved him and will miss him terribly.
Rest in Peace Sweetie Rest in Peace

April 19th New Update on my dog: He had two more seizures yesterday and he is having trouble walking around. He is eating ok but I think he is getting worse. He has another appointment at the vet tomorrow so I am hoping she will have some much needed advice for us. Keep him in your prayers and hope he pulls through this once again.

March 23rd Update on my dog: He is now eating well and has now accepted the fact that he must take medicine with all of his meals. He is doing much better, but he must still have monthly tests on his kidneys and he has to remain on special prescription food from his vet.

Thank you for all of the messages and emails regarding my favorite buddy. I think he is out of the woods for now but we will still have to take very good care of his needs.

March 16th Right now I am having serious problems with my dog. He was just diagnosed with a heart problem and he was going into kidney failure so I appreciate your mooches but there may be a delay in shipping them out. Hopefully he will pull through this, he is dearly loved by our whole family. His picture is on my profile page here on Bookmooch. If you mooch from me please understand there may be a delay in receiving your book. Thanks for understanding.

My books are usually in good or very good condition unless stated in the condition notes. My son and I were volunteers at our local library for many years so we do take good care of our books. Some of my books are old discarded library books or books given to me by friends or relatives. There may be names written inside or stamps from previous owners. If this is a concern, please ask before mooching. Also if you are overly concerned with perfect books please email me concerning conditions of any books you wish to mooch.

I do have a dog, but he is never in my books. However, if you are ultra-sensitive to animal hair this might be a reason to look for a book from elsewhere.

Because of the postal fees associated with sending books out of the country I can no longer accept mooches from outside of the USA. I will most likely be using media mail to send out my books as this is the most cost friendly method for me. Because of the price of gas these days I will be mailing one day a week. This will most likely be on Saturdays.