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Jonathan May (USA: AL) : member bio

Name: Jonathan May (USA: AL)
Userid: jonstore

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Joined: 2006/09/12
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Country: United States

Books in inventory: 15

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I am a retired government documents librarian who now writes. In general the books on my list are in good to very good condition unless specified otherwise in the condition notes. My experience has been that any paperback read several times will show signs of wear including warping of spine, so that is generally not noted. My dog Orozco, who was known as Roscoe on an every-day basis, is no longer with me: I'm not aware that he ever chewed up any of the books. I usually have a cocktail in the evening but I do not smoke. I have self-published 2 novels in 2013: "Siren Song" and "A Howling in the Night" (that latter being a newer version of my 2006 novel "Rumors of Wolves") My small memoir about my mother's parents and their seven children, "The Turbervilles of Greensboro, Alabama," and two books of essays, "Rants, Raves, Ruminations, and Ramblifications: Musings from a Hamlet" and the companion volume "Telling Stories: Fragments of a Life," appeared in early 2015. In addition I have edited and published two non-fiction works by my late friend Tom Miller who wrote under the name Tom Canford: "A Fever of the Mad: A Movie Publicist Works with Francis Coppola, Elaine May, John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, and Richard Gere and Survives to Tell the Tale!" and "Baker's Daughter, Miller's Son: A Memoir of the Family of Tom Miller and Norma Miller." A section of that latter, "Tom's Songbook," which includes a number of his song lyrics including those from his four musical plays, is now available as a separate publication. An essay "Burying Tom" was published in the online edition of the "New York Times" on August 26, 2013:

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