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Janice (USA: NY) : member bio

Name: Janice (USA: NY)
Userid: jmurphy

Inventory: 103
Points: 231.6
Mooched/given: 316/436
Pending mooch/give: 1/4
Mooch ratio: 0.71:1

Wishlist: 206
Feedback: +434
Smooches: 13
Charitable gifts: 3
Charity received: 2
Friends: 9
Cancelled requests: 17
Books receiving lost: 5
Books sending lost: 3
Rejected requests: 16

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2008/07/15
Last here: 2 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 103

SPECIAL NOTE: I recently purchased a wonderful 8'x8'x8' wooden shed with windows that I am turning into a personal library my for thousands of books, which were previously in several locations,p. While I am having great fun getting it set up, I have books EVERYWHERE right now, and a few are (temporarily, I hope) misplaced. I apologize in advance if I cannot find a book you request, but once I am done, everything will be organized and easy to find. Please bear with me! (8/28/2014)

Any book that is marked as smelling musty or smoky will be sent to you as a bonus with any order, but PLEASE remind me when making your request! Additionally, all romance and Danielle Steele books are 2 for 1 or 5 for 2...again just remind me via e-mail when you place a request, as my memory isn't all it should be!

I share a house with a bunch of fur-babies, so if you are allergic to pet dander, you probably don't want to mooch from me! (Honestly, they must think they can read because their favorite place to be is ON THE BOOK I am reading!)

My house is a drop-site for books and animals (and just about anything anyone wants to get rid of), so alot of the books I offer are from others and have not been read by me. I take care to look them over and describe them in detail, so you can be sure of what you are getting.

I tend to be somewhat slow at mailing since I work a long day and can't always get to the post office as quickly as I might like. I will get them to you, though, and they will be in the condition I describe! IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY FOR A BOOK, PLEASE DO NOT MOOCH FROM ME.

Happy reading!

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