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jenjaredjoey (USA: NJ) : member bio

Name: jenjaredjoey (USA: NJ)
Userid: jenjaredjoey

Inventory: 0
Points: 42.6
Mooched/given: 1033/752
Pending mooch/give: 4/2
Mooch ratio: 1.19:1

Wishlist: 885
Feedback: +748
Smooches: 74
Charity received: 11
Friends: 31
Cancelled requests: 136
Books receiving lost: 25
Books sending lost: 5
Rejected requests: 9

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2011/03/19
Last here: 11 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
UPDATE: I do not know if I still have any books available as I lost a lot when I moved a year ago. The reason it took this long to be active is because I got a new phone, new e mail & lost my job because I just had a baby Dec 5th, 2014. Please be patient with me as I have 5 kids including the newborn & am busy. Thank You **

JUST A REMINDER: I mooch more then I give because my 5 kids & I LOVE books. I also mooch for a children's charity,(they are mostly looking for workbooks, Homeschooling books, cooking, craft, drawing, & activity books to give to children in need (but they will accept ANY books in good condition), If you want the link to this charity, Please let me know & you can send books directly to them or send them to me as I am ALWAYS filling/sending boxes of books to them about once every 3 months. :)

I can only send books once a month for bookmooch, For people who mooch multiple books I am more likely to send ur books out sooner then single mooches. ** Also most books only stay in my inventory for 1 to 3 months because I donate them or swap them on another site, so if you see a book u like mooch it or it may be gone later.**

SPECIAL ON ROMANCE(Harlequin, suspense, nocturne adult) BOOKS: Most if not all or my romance books are brand new never read, because I don't have time to read all of them. For every 5 (five)(Harlequin, romance, suspense, nocturn adult)books you mooch books I will smooch you back 1 point for us moochers & 2 points for Internationale moochers. Example if you mooch 5 books= I will give you 1 smooch for US & 2 smooches for international

For any other books: For every 10 books you mooch, I'll give you an extra book OR/AND an extra point! Example: 10 books= 1 free surprise book, 20 books= 1 free book AND 1 free point e.t.c.

I SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE UNITES STATES, Mooch as many as you want, the more you mooch the easier for me. glad to send single requests, but am even gladder to send multiple requests.


I SHIP 3 OR MORE BOOKS INTERNATIONALLY besides Canada)but it might be a 2-3 months delay.

All books are: like new (almost new or has no wear)
very good condition: (only has some wear on spine)
good condition: has wear on spine, some creases/folds on cover or may be faded from storage or age

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: If you are from Canada please mooch 2 or more books because of international cost. If you want me to send books other than Canada (France, United Kingdom e.t.c) please mooch THREE (3) OR MORE BOOKS. Because internationally (besides Canada) is expensive to mail. The sent & receive time will be longer if you live outside of the US.

SHIPPING: Because of funds, I'll be sending the books once a month. Usually it is first come first serve, but more than 3 books tend to get mailed out sooner then 2 books & US mooches tend to get sent out sooner than international mooches because of the cost of shipping, international mooches can take anywhere up to 2 to 3 months to mail, but please be patient as I WILL send them out, but I will let you know if there is a delay if everyone's books cannot be mailed.

CANCELED REQUESTS: I cancel mooch request when the book is lost or my kids ruin it (This has only happened a couple of times) I also cancel when I mooch from others if the wait time is longer than a month & I hear no answer OR when I find out my family already owns that book. There are alot of books on bookmooch that come & go so I have to mooch another book right away and cannot wait on pending books unless I hear from you that you are actually going to send it out by a certain date.

FOR BOOKS I MOOCH: I always try to mooch 2 or more books form anyone I mooch from to make it easier & to save on shipping. Also if I mooch a book & you lost it, Please let me know what you are going to replace it with as I don't want just any book. If it is not a book I want replaced, please kindly return my credits. As there have been a couple of times where the sender replaced books & It wasn't book I wanted & I had to re list them on bookmooch. Thank you

Please leave feedback when you receive a book and Please let me know if you are dissatisfied so I can make it better the next time. Thank you for your time, patience, understanding and request.

Thanks for mooching from me!


I am a 31 yr old female with 5 kids:
Jared age 13 yr old boy,
Joey age 8 yr old boy,
Jazelle age 6 yr old girl
Jeremiah: July 19th, 2010
Cayla: Dec 5, 2014

My daughter, Jazelle has asthma & alophecia areata. She lost ALL her hair on Oct 23rd, 2011, 3 days AFTER her 3rd birthday. I am currently looking for ANY books on this.

My son has Autism & looking on any books on this.

My baby is going to be unvaccinated because of all the reports that vaccines cause harm & have mercury, alumiuon & monkey & fetal cells. Looking on any books for more info on vaccine injury's, side effects & indregents.

I mooch for a children's charity as well as myself & 4 kids. My family are really looking for these books:

The Other Mother by: Carol Schaefer.(this book is very meaningful to me)

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

Seer Series & Dead Girl walking Series by: L.J. Singleton

Found, Sent & Caught by: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Game Changer, Running out of time, Because of Anya, There's Always War, Double Identity, Just Ella, Palace of Mirrors by: Margaret Petterson Haddix

The Blooding by: Patricia Windsor

Blood & Chocolate & The Silver Kiss both by: Annette Curtis Klause,

Revealers by: Amanda Marrone

The Vampire Diaries by: L.J. Smith

The Immortals Series by: Alyson Noel

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I am number 4 by: Pittacus Lore

Unwind & Unwholly by: Neal Shusterman

M is for Magic & Stardust by: Neil Gaiman

Face on the milk cartoon, What Janie Found, Whatever happened to Janie, The Voice on the Radio, Janie face to face by: Caroline B Conney

Hush Little Baby & Turnabout, By Caroline B Cooney

Both sides of time, Out of time, Prisoner of time & for all time: by Caroline B Cooney

The Witch in the Lake by: Anna Fienberg

Emily Windsnap books by Liz Kessler

Haunted Sister by: Lael Littke

Gone by: Micheal Grant

Red Moon Rising by: Peter Moore

The girl who owned a City by OT Nelson

Twilight Children & Just another Kid by: Torey Hayden

Shattered Mirror, Midnight Predator, In the Forest of the night & Persistence of memory all by: Amelia Atwater Rhodes

Finding Noel & Christmas Box series by Richard Paul Evans

My favorite authors are:
Amelia Atwater Rhodes, Magreat Petterson Haddix
Linda Joy Singleton, Caroline B Conney, Silver Ravenwolf, Torey Hayden, Louis Duncan & R.L Stine, (but the Goosebumps in my wish-list are for my 12 yr old son. He likes them esspicially the 2000, Hoorland, & the T.V. series ones)

Books series I am looking for my kids:
Any Cloth books, Backyardigians, Miss Spider sunny patch
Deigo, Dora, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Micky Mouse Clubhouse,
My Little Pony, Handy Manny Imagination Movers,
Goosebumps 2000 & Most Wanted series, I spy, Max & Ruby, Little Einsteins
Strawberry Shortcake, Baby Einstien, Dragon Tales, Monster Trucks
Scooby Doo picture books & chapter books, Disney/Nick Jr, Trains w/ dinosuars books, Touch & Feel, Interactive book and any real life train or dinosaur books for ages 8 & 13 yr old boys.

Authors I am currently looking for my kids:
Laura Joffe Numeroff, Jean Marzollo, David Kirk, Christine Ricci
Dav Pilkey, Natasha Wing, R.L Stine, Nancy Parent, Mercer Mayer and Nickelodeon/Nick Jr/Disney.

Some children's books get listed here (to get more points for different books for the charity) OR I also trade some on a site called Listia. It is free to join and free to list items all you have to do is pay for postage when you list an item, you use your points to bid on other items you want. There is so much stuff besides books on this site. If you use my refferal link I get points & you get some free points My referral link is:

Thanks for mooching from me!

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