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Elizabeth (USA: MD) : member bio

Name: Elizabeth (USA: MD)
Userid: hobos4piglets

Inventory: 3
Points: 8.7
Mooched/given: 357/359
Pending mooch/give: 0/4
Mooch ratio: 1.00:1

Wishlist: 217
Feedback: +354
Smooches: 4
Charitable gifts: 9
Friends: 2
Cancelled requests: 60
Books receiving lost: 3
Books sending lost: 7
Rejected requests: 10

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2006/12/10
Last here: 2 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 3

Status message:
Unfortunately, due to the distance to the post office, my brokeness, and my crazy schedule, I can not send out books as often as I would like to. I appreciate your patience, and I'll do what I can to make sure I send out your books in under a month!

I may have forgotten to check if the cover is the same as the one shown in my inventory, and I don't check to see if it is the same publisher, so if these are details you need to know, PLEASE email me to ensure the books I send to you are satisfactory.

All of my books will have writing in the front cover and possibly on top of the pages for

I come from a smoke-free, but animal friendly,environment. I also send off used books, so I can't guarantee their allergen history.

Please register my books at! It doesn't require any membership, all you have to do is type in the number and where you received it. I would really appreciate it :-).

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