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Hannah (Israel) : member bio

Name: Hannah (Israel) (on vacation)
Userid: hanhel

Inventory: 0
Points: 208.2
Mooched/given: 361/376
Pending mooch/give: 0/9
Mooch ratio: 0.99:1

Wishlist: 122
Feedback: +374
Smooches: 73
Charitable gifts: 16
Charity received: 8
Friends: 15
Cancelled requests: 19
Books receiving lost: 8
Books sending lost: 14
Rejected requests: 17

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2010/03/26
Last here: 299 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Israel

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:

After more than a year without Bookmooch, I am back. The reason I stopped my acitivites was partly that I became quite busy in my professional and my personal life, but partly also that I started feeling overwhelmed with the multitudes of books I mooched and sent. I couldn't keep up with things and the list of delayed requests started getting longer and longer.

I considered opening a new profile but decided against it because a)it just isn't honest and anyone who had dealings with me before would probably have realised anyway; and b) I didn't really want to lose the quite large sum of points I collected. I hope people will agree to send me books despite some negative reviews from the past.

In order to avoid slipping into bad habits again, I have set myself some guidelines for this time:

1) I will only accept mooches after having packaged the book. Feel free to mooch several books at once, but be aware that it might take me a few days to accept the mooch request because I want to make sure I don't forget or put it off.

2) Journalling: My main issue with Bookmooch started to be journals. I absolutely loved Bookmooch Journals and still do, but I stopped being able to keep track of all the journals I had mooched. So for now, I will only mooch one journal at a time, unless one user has several that I am interested in. I will then only mooch another journal if I have completed the last one and it is ready to be mooched by somebody else. I apologise sincerely to the journaling community for delaying journals in the past - there is really no excuse.

I am really, really looking forward to becoming part of the Bookmooch community again!

I live in a very small town (Kibbutz) in the Israeli desert; we have a post office but outgoing mail is only collected once a day Sunday through Thursday, so there might sometimes be a 1-2 day delay after I've already marked a book as sent.

We keep our house smoke-free; we have two cats, but they rarely get in touch with the books.

Postage: I try to send as many books as possible by airmail - most of the time it doesn't make a huge difference for me anyways. However I have to sometimes go surface mail if I have a lot of outgoing books at the same time or if something is quite heavy. I will however take into consideration how active and reliable the moocher is on Bookmooch when I decide which books to send airmail and which surface mail.

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