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GideonRogers (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: GideonRogers (United Kingdom)
Userid: gideonrogers
(I give a little)

Inventory: 0
Points: 232.2
Mooched/given: 338/337
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 0.93:1

Wishlist: 145
Feedback: +331
Smooches: 1
Charitable gifts: 17
Charity received: 5
Friends: 8
Cancelled requests: 47
Books receiving lost: 8
Books sending lost: 7
Rejected requests: 33

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2006/08/14
Last here: 15 days ago
Country: United Kingdom

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
**UPDATE Mar 12 - the tide of books now too great so I am listing them one at a time...
**UPDATE Nov 09 - we're having a busy time at the moment and I am not able to meet a reasonable timeframe for sending books, so for the time being I have removed my inventory**


Will send books anywhere in the world.

Outside of the EU this will be surface mail.

If you are sending a book to me, please send it the CHEAPEST and SLOWEST way possible: You need the money more than I need express delivery.

I will never reject a mooch unless I cannot find the book, as occasionally happens.

I only make condition notes if a book is a different edition, ex-library, or in lower than good condition. If you are one of those moochers who only want new books mail me to ask or perhaps you should try elsewhere.

I'm English, married, father of two, financial IT analyst.
I particularly like stories themed around identity questions, work based politics, and rubber reality.

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