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Erin D. (USA: WA) : member bio

Name: Erin D. (USA: WA)
Userid: erind21

Inventory: 1
Points: 42.4
Mooched/given: 209/170
Pending mooch/give: 0/1
Mooch ratio: 1.10:1

Wishlist: 1015
Feedback: +169
Smooches: 1
Friends: 10
Cancelled requests: 35
Books receiving lost: 5
Books sending lost: 17
Rejected requests: 8

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2009/12/28
Last here: 107 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 1

Status message:
I almost always state the condition. You can assume that my books are in near perfect condition unless specifically stated. I am willing to send out of the country, I haven't declined one yet, but I am sure one day something will come up, it just might take me a little longer to send out because certain countries are really expensive. I try to keep in touch as best as possible. Most of my books are going to be women's fiction or young adult. Please feel free to friend me if wanna watch my inventory or even start up a chat. :]

I'm back in the swing of things and it feels great. I have been updating my inventory about once every week or 2 weeks. Most of the books seem to be going quickly. Fall is approaching fast so hopefully that will mean more time for reading!! :)

Places I've sent books in the USA
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Places I've Sent Books around the world
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Home page:

I love reading. I love getting caught up in a story. And I love a book that you think about randomly years down the road.

There are times when I find that I'm not reading as much as I usually do, but that's just how my life goes. I live a very active life, and I also try to spend my leisure time doing photography and scrapbooking. As for activities, I play on a couple softball leagues, I love to golf, I try to ride my bike atleast 50 miles a week when the weather will allow it, I enjoy running, swimming and hiking and the latest activity I've found is snowshoeing (it's brilliant!). And who really knows where my life will lead next, I just hope that it somewhere sunny and I'll have my own good story to tell.