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Melissa (France) : member bio

Name: Melissa (France) (on vacation)
Userid: doigts_de_poussiere

Inventory: 0
Points: -13.6
Mooched/given: 48/28
Pending mooch/give: 2/0
Mooch ratio: 2.62:1

Wishlist: 59
Feedback: +27
Smooches: 7
Friends: 1
Cancelled requests: 4
Books receiving lost: 2
Books sending lost: 7
Rejected requests: 1

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2009/10/13
Last here: 1106 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: France

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
UPDATE 14/04/2010 : I won't be able to send any more books this month, I'm sorry. I'm having very important medical expenses and since I'm an unemployed student I'm really broke right now, lol...

However, I'll be sending 4 books on the first week of May, so if I've already accepted your requests then don't worry, you'll get your book in a few weeks from now...Again, sorry for this delay!!

If you want to mooch from me, go ahead, I'll be happy to accept your request, but you'll have to wait a bit before I send you any books.


I'm staying in France right now, so I'll be sending 1 or 2 books to the US per month, I'm sorry about that but it's kind of expensive (at least 5 euros for a small, light book, which is about 7 dollars)...

I'll be sending books all over Europe, and if my finances allow it I could accept requests from other countries, but it's better to ask me first

I'm having some health problems at the moment and facing medical expenses, so I sincerely apologize for any delayed shipping.

If you want to mooch from me I'll be more than happy to accept your request, but you might have to wait a few weeks till I can send you the book. I'll do my best not to reject any requests...

I loooove books! And I like to share them...