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Chrysalis School (Madagascar) : member bio

Name: Chrysalis School (Madagascar) (a BookMooch Charity)
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Thanks so much to all of the bookmooch users who have contributed books to the school so far!

*******Help us build a new school!*********

Due to the effects of the international economic crisis, many of our students’ parents have lost their jobs and can no longer pay school fees. As enrollment drops, it has become clear that the school cannot sustain the cost of renting a building.

In partnership with Madagascar Onboard, a US-based non-profit, the school has launched a major fundraising campaign to raise the money to build our own school. Please consider getting involved, as an individual or as part of a school or community group.

In August, we bought a small piece of land, and in late September, we began construction of our new school building! A team of masons and our students' parents quickly erected brick walls and we got a basic roof on the school in time for classes to begin indoors in early November. However, now that the rainy season has begun, water is leaking in to the classrooms. We could use more donations to help buy doors and windows!

Check our facebook pages for updates:!/pages/Chrysalis-School-Madagascar/18590123037

Or check out our web site:

Write to Kirsten ( to find out how to make a contribution.


The Chrysalis School is located in Madagascar, in a village just outside Antananarivo. The school opened in September 2006 with the mission to educate a new generation of open-minded young people who love reading.

Students range in age between 12 and 19, and the language of instruction is French, but students also study English.

The school's director made a special request for French comic books (Gaston, Asterix, etc.). If anyone has some old copies of these books they're ready to part with, we'd love to add them to our library.

**Know of a worthy group needing points?**
Generous bookmooch users have given us more points than we can use. If you know of a worthy bookmooch charity that could use more points, let us know.

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