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Luba (Israel) : member bio

Name: Luba (Israel) (on vacation)
Userid: cherity

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Mooch ratio: 1.23:1

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Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2010/10/06
Last here: 20 days ago
Country: Israel

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Status message:
All of my books used, so do not expect "like new" condition, but their condition is pretty good. If it's not, I mention it additionally.
I don't smoke, but I have two cats. Some of my books are stored at my mom's apartment, and she used to smoke (quit about half a year ago) and has a cat. Also most of my books come either from some unknown sources, or second-hand bookstores, or ex-library, so I can't guarantee pet/smoke free books.

I'll send anything worldwide (exept for the countries Israel has no postal relations because of war - like Iran, Lebanon etc), but I'll send it by surface mail because of postage cost (sometimes this mail is very fast, like a week or even less, sometimes it isn't, so be prepared to wait).

Since some of the books are at my mother's place it can take me up to one month to send them (she lives in another city and because of the studies I can't visit her very often).

I really want to get rid of all the books I don't want, so

If you mooch three books, you'll get the fourth for free.

Home page:

I'm an MA student from Haifa, I moved to Israel two years ago from Russia.
I study English literature, and, as you can guess, I love to read.
My favourite genres are Victorian novels, young adult, children books, chick lit, books about books (like Jasper Fforde's books or Reading Lolita in Tehran), diary novels, some fantasy (Pratchett, mostly), graphic novels.

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