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blackbird books kosovo (Kosovo) : member bio

Name: blackbird books kosovo (Kosovo) (a BookMooch Charity)
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The Blackbird Books organization is closing, due to the founder moving away from Kosovo. However, the libraries we created will continue to exist, and be fostered and maintained. Mitrovica NGO 7 Arte, where our south branch library is located, is now accepting donations for the library from Bookmooch. As always, your donations here will continue to provide a unique literary option for the young people of this town.

Our library's mission is to provide classic and adventurous modern literature to the people of Mitrovicë/a in an environment designed to foster dialogue and combat the emigration of artistically-inclined young adults from our community.

Bookmooch has done a tremendous service to our organization. The Bookmooch community is responsible for a respectable percentage of our entire library goal. I know it might not seem like a lot to donate a couple of virtual points, but it really does mean a lot for our project, and we continue to be really amazed at how giving everyone is being - it's a testimonial to the kind of folks that have joined your online community.

Mitrovicë/a is the fourth largest city in Kosovo. Many people consider this city to be particularly emblematic of the region's challenges because of the river that divides the town: currently the north side is predominantly Serbian, and the south side is predominantly Albanian. We're starting a bookstore in Mitrovicë/a that we hope will affect the way that people here interact with literature, art and even each other.

Cultural life in Mitrovicë/a has been dramatically affected by the events of the last decade. Finding great and exciting literature just isn't that easy. Textbooks and manuals? No problem. Borges and Bukowski? Not so much.

We're not looking for technical manuals or kid's books. Because we want to make an impact on young adults, we're looking for the books that changed your life when you were between the ages of 15 and 30. We know we're probably forgetting something, but here's the four main categories we're stocking:

1. the CLASSICS. We love Goethe. We adore Faulkner. We think very highly of Herman Hesse, George Orwell, Flannery O'Conner and Gunter Grass. Tolstoy, Borges and Dostoyevsky were class acts. You get the idea.

2. the MODERN. It's hard to draw the line between "classics" and these guys, but Barthelme, Bukowski, DeLillo, Deborah Eisenberg and WG Sebald are all writers that we need to represent. You can probably think of others.

3. and, perhaps most important, the NONE OF THE ABOVE. Graphic novels, comic books and zines...

Here's a simple rule: if it changed your life, we want it to change someone else's too. We'll honor your contribution with a bookplate. Send your literature to

7 Arte
c/o Anthony Barilla
Fah 157
40010 Mitrovicë/a

Be sure to include your name and return address. We know that sending small packages to Kosovo isn't cheap, so send it as inexpensively as possible: no need for airmail.