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Auckland Women's Centre Library (New Zealand) : member bio

Name: Auckland Women's Centre Library (New Zealand) (a BookMooch Charity)
Userid: awclib

Inventory: 0
Points: 299.8
Mooched/given: 460/0
Pending mooch/give: 0/0

Wishlist: 287
Feedback: +0
Smooches: 4
Charity received: 157
Friends: 72
Cancelled requests: 39
Books receiving lost: 13
Rejected requests: 1

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2007/05/26
Last here: 510 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: New Zealand

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
*NO MORE POINTS NEEDED!* Thank you so much for your generosity! We now have more points than we can use in the short term. We're incredibly grateful!

Home page:

The Auckland Women's Centre Library is a community resource specialising in writing by, for and about women. We have a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction books, videos, journals, newsletters and magazines, and information files on women's rights and women's health.

Unfortunately many of the books we lend out are not returned, and we don't have enough funding to replace them all. In fact, last year our main sponsor withdrew their funding for new books. Our BookMooch wishlist reflects some of the books which we'd love to welcome back to the fold, and some new ones we think our community would be interested in.

Sincere gratitude to and the Public Library Charity Fund (USA) for the charitable donation! Thanks also to the BookMooch Lottery (FI) for the allocations in 2007 and 2008!

Thanks also to those kindhearted BookMooch members who made a personal charitable gift:

aganmooch (Germany) 15 points
Alastair (United Kingdom) 1 point
Alyssa (USA: NM) 5 points
Amanda (USA: MA) 5 points
Amy (Australia) 20 points
Amy D. (USA: MA) 47 points
Annette (New Zealand) 2 points (donated books)
AnnikaPohjolainen (Finland) 2 points
banriona (United Kingdom) 5 points
barnes (USA: MD) 4 points
bookfull (USA: CT) 1 point
Caroline (United Kingdom) 2 points
Carrie Laben (USA: NY) 1 point
Cathy (USA: NY) 20 points
catie james (USA: CA) 1 point
Charlotte (USA: AR) 2 points
Chellie (USA: FL) 4 points
Cherelle (Australia) 45 points
Cherie (New Zealand) 4 points
chickenmothers (USA: MA) 27 points (donated books)
Corrie (USA: VA) 9 points
cubicalgirl (USA: PA) 13 points
cvalda (New Zealand) 2 points
czar (Philippines) 4 points
dads_books (USA: MA) 1 point
David (USA: CT) 4 points (2 + donated book)
day-glo (New Zealand) 7 points (donated books)
denken (Ireland) 6 points
detailista (United Kingdom) 1 point
Dewey (USA: NM) 1 point
Diletta (Italia) 3 points
donna (USA: PA) 2 points
Donna (USA: TX) 5 points
FeurImmerFrei (Egypt) 4 points
frances (USA: PR) 10 points
Franny (Sweden) 2 points
Giblet (Italy) 3 points
Gill & Mark Tennant (United Kingdom) 4 points
Hanneke van Proosdij (USA: CA) 5 points
Heather (USA: NJ) 1 point
Heather Elder (New Zealand) 22 points
Hope (United Kingdom) 1 point
Indigo (USA) 1 point
J.D. (USA: KY) 20 points
Jacquelyn (USA: AK) 1 point
Janine (USA: PA) 4 points
Jessica (USA: NJ) 4 points
Jil (USA: CA) 10 points
Jill (USA: FL) 10 points
Jillian (Australia) 8 points
Joanna Collie (New Zealand) 3 points
Jodie (United Kingdom) 2 points
Jodie Holmes (South Korea) 8 points
Kari F (USA: OR) 10 points
katayoun (Iran) 2 points
Kate M. (Canada) 10 points
Katrin (Germany) 3 points
Kay (USA: TX) 25 points
Kerry Hale (United Kingdom) 30 points
Kihera (USA: CA) 10 points
Kim (United Kingdom) 3 points
kimbofo (United Kingdom) 20 points
kislany (Cyprus) 2 points
KK (USA: CA) 20 points
Kris Ogilvie (USA: CA) 15 points
Laura (Italia) 10 points
Lee (USA: OH) 10 points
leonajulia (USA: NJ) 5 points
Lianne (United Kingdom) 3 points
Linda E. (USA: OH) 5 points
Lisia (New Zealand) 2 points
Lman (Australia) 2 points
Lynn Ceteras Huerta (USA: OR) 2 points
Mariola (USA) 19 points
mark giefer (USA: IL) 1 point
mark williams (USA: CA) 3 points
Michelle (USA: FL) 5 points
Mike Dickison (New Zealand) 2 points
nancy drew (United Kingdom) 23 points
NovelCat (USA: CA) 64 points (13 + donated books)
otherstories (United Kingdom) 30 points
Peggy S. (USA: NC) 10 points
penelope (Australia) 3 points
Phyllis Dobberstein (USA: MO) 22 points
Quinn (USA: MA) 5 points
Rachael Andrews (New Zealand) 8 points (4 + donated books)
renee0467 (USA: PA) 3 points (donated books)
Rosangela (Italia) 1 point
Royce (USA: CA) 5 points
Ruth (Ireland) 1 point
Samantha (United Kingdom) 33 points
sedeara (USA: SD) 10 points
shan (USA: MA) 2 points
Shari (USA: WA) 8 points
shell_8 (United Kingdom) 4 points
shirley horsman (United Kingdom) 58 points
soniaandree (France) 8 points
spentrails (United Kingdom) 30 points
stellastarstruck (Japan) 10 points
Stuart (USA: CA) 2 points
susanbooks (USA: MA) 2 points
tarshaan (Ireland) 5 points
Thea (USA: CA) 2 points
Tim Chandler (Australia) 1 point
Triccie (Philippines) 4 points
tseen (Australia) 15 points
wired_lain (Japan) 3 points

This charity account is managed by Zillah ( I have volunteered for the AWCL for over 5 years.