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Kar-bie (USA: LA) : member bio

Name: Kar-bie (USA: LA)
Userid: aeris

Inventory: 85
Points: 237
Mooched/given: 888/1080
Pending mooch/give: 10/7
Mooch ratio: 0.87:1

Wishlist: 386
Feedback: +1081
Smooches: 39
Charitable gifts: 9
Charity received: 18
Friends: 34
Cancelled requests: 68
Books receiving lost: 13
Books sending lost: 4
Rejected requests: 26

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2007/07/18
Last here: 3 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 85

Status message:

I will send books worldwide, but I've had to change the way I do it as I've just had too many international mooch requests for large books and it doesn't look right for me to keep rejecting them. At any rate I will let you know if I'm able to send and not keep you waiting. I'll send journals worldwide if requested.

INTERNATIONAL MOOCHERS NOTE: If you are going to mooch a hardback book it will probably be too costly to mail unless you mooch a second smaller/lighter book at the same time. If that is your plan then please email me so I can take that into consideration.

I will let you know the day they are sent, and will try to get them sent as fast as possible. For the most part I will be mailing books out on Mondays. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the books!

I have a few books listed that are free if you mooch another book. If you want one of these books just go ahead and mooch it along with another of your choice and I'll credit a point back to you through "smooching".

Despite showing some books lost in sending this is not really the case. So far, books marked lost in sending were really due to the moocher going inactive or on vacation rather than acnowledging they received the book. (This was before Bookmooch added the option to force a receipt.)
Best wishes,
Karen and Debbie

Books Given Worldwide
Make yours @
Make yours @

Listing of Journals I have created:

BMJournal: All About Stripes, Dots and Spots
BMJournal: Black Attack!
BMJournal: Brown Gets Down
BMJournal: Butterflies Are Free To Fly
BMJournal: Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
BMJournal: Flowers, A Tiny BM Journal
BMJournal: For the Birds
BMJournal: Funny Signs
BMJournal: Geckos on Parade
BMJournal: Hello Kitty!
BMJournal: It's a ___?! Dinosaur Edition
BMJournal: It's a ___?! Farm Animal Edition
BMJournal: It's a ___?! Sea Life Edition
BMJournal: It's a ___?! Wild Life Edition
BMJournal: It's Not Easy Being Green *A BMJournal About Jim Henson's Muppets
BMJournal: Joke Postcards From Around the World
BMJournal: Life Under Water
BMJournal: Lighthouses
BMJournal: Mad About Plaid
BMJournal: Mellow Yellow
BMJournal: My Favorite Species
BMJournal: My Sweet Cupcake
BMJournal: Now You Live in Japan* or would like to...or at least like Japanese stuff a lot
BMJournal: Orange You Glad I Said Orange
BMJournal: Our Favorite Bookmarks
BMJournal: Postcards From Around the World
BMJournal: Postcards of Lighthouses
BMJournal: Postcards of the United States
BMJournal: Postcards of Winter Scenes
BMJournal: Roses Are Red
BMJournal: Simply Human
BMJournal: The Best Thing I Ever Ate
BMJournal: The Book of Postcards: RANDOM
BMJournal: The Color Violet
BMJournal: The Delight of White
BMJournal: The Hue Blue
BMJournal: The Lean Mean Book of Green
BMJournal: The Little Book of All About Fairies
BMJournal: The Little Book of Fairies
BMJournal: The Little Book of My Favorite Flower Fairy
BMJournal: The Little Book of I Remember the 1960s
BMJournal: The Little Book of Things That Bug Us
BMJournal: The Little Chihuahua Book
BMJournal: Think Pink
BmJournal: Wine and Vineyards
BMJournal: Your Birthday December 25
BMJournal: Your Birthday November 30
BMJournal: Zen words of tranquility

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