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Abby (Canada) : member bio

Name: Abby (Canada) (on vacation)
Userid: abbyr

Inventory: 0
Points: 16.9
Mooched/given: 69/69
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 0.85:1

Wishlist: 34
Feedback: +69
Smooches: 2
Charitable gifts: 5
Charity received: 3
Friends: 1
Cancelled requests: 4
Books sending lost: 1

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/07/12
Last here: 2338 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Canada

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
Away for Christmas.

I'll send practically anywhere, but I ship using the cheapest method, surface, which can take up to several months outside of North America. In-country rates are insane; I'd very much prefer to send more than one book at a time anywhere outside of B.C., but I might be flexible depending on the rarity of the book. If time is of the essence, let me know and I might be able to get it there faster. The Dover thrift editions will fit in letter mail, so I'll charity back a point on them internationally.

I love the idea of people all over the world getting enjoyment out of the books cluttering my apartment, so unless the price is exorbitant I'll probably be willing to send them.

I'm a non-smoker with no pets, but the books may be dusty and almost all came to me second hand. Assume standard used book condition; where the book is particularly good or bad I'll try to put it in the condition notes.