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Explanation of the all-books XML data feed

This is what a single ASIN item looks like:

    <Author>Robert Lopshire</Author>
    <EditorialReview_Content>Illus. in full color. The polka-dot leopard Spot from <i>Put Me in the Zoo</i> returns. "Spot changes from elephant to giraffe to mouse, trying to find a new identity, but discovers that every animal shape has its drawbacks. This intelligent, cheerful sequel, with its simple rhyming text, lives up to the reputation of its predecessor."--<i>Publishers Weekly.<C2><A0><C2><A0></i></EditorialReview_Content>
    <EditorialReview_Source>Book Description</EditorialReview_Source>
    <Title>I Want to Be Somebody New! (I Can Read It All by Myself)</Title>
            <comment>a great book</comment>

Here is a version of the same record, but with an explanation in place of the field data:

    <id>Amazon ASIN for this book</id>
    <Author>Author name. If Amazon provided several authors, only the first is usually saved here
        (assuming Amazon's standard data formatting rules).</Author>
    <Binding>The type of print binding of this book.  Depending on the source of the book, this
        text can be in English or the text relevant to the specific Amazon site where the book data
        came from</Binding>
    <DetailPageURL>The URL Amazon provides us to send users so that they can get more information
        about this book</DetailPageURL>
    <Edition>Information about this edition, if available</Edition>
    <EditorialReview_Content>The text of any editorial review provided by
    <EditorialReview_Source>The source of the review</EditorialReview_Source>
    <ISBN>The ISBN code for this book. Usually, this is the same thing as the ISBN</ISBN>
    <LargeImage_Height>The height, in pixels, of the large graphic version of this
        book cover</LargeImage_Height>
    <LargeImage_URL>A URL to a large sized graphic image of this book cover</LargeImage_URL>
    <LargeImage_Width>The width, in pixels, of the large graphic version of this
        book cover</LargeImage_Width>
    <ListPrice_Amount>The list price of this book</ListPrice_Amount>
    <ListPrice_CurrencyCode>The Currency type for this list price</ListPrice_CurrencyCode>
    <ListPrice_FormattedPrice>A prettily formatted version of the list
    <MediumImage_Height>The height, in pixels, of the medium-size graphic version
        of this book cover</MediumImage_Height>
    <MediumImage_URL>A URL to a medium sized graphic image of this book cover</MediumImage_URL>
    <MediumImage_Width>The width, in pixels, of the medium sized graphic version of
        this book cover</MediumImage_Width>
    <NumberOfPages>The number of pages in this book</NumberOfPages>
    <PackageDimensions_Height>The physical height of this book</PackageDimensions_Height>
    <PackageDimensions_Length>The physical length of this book</PackageDimensions_Length>
    <PackageDimensions_Size_Units>The units relevant to the package dimensions</PackageDimensions_Size_Units>
    <PackageDimensions_Weight>The physical weight of this book</PackageDimensions_Weight>
    <PackageDimensions_Weight_Units>The units relevant to the package weight</PackageDimensions_Weight_Units>
    <PackageDimensions_Width>The physical width of this book</PackageDimensions_Width>
    <ProductGroup>The kind of product Amazon groups this in (ie, books)</ProductGroup>
    <PublicationDate>The date of publication, in YYYY-MM-DD format0</PublicationDate>
    <Publisher>The name of the publisher</Publisher>
    <SalesRank>Amazon's sales rank</SalesRank>
    <SmallImage_Height>The height, in pixels, of the small graphic version of this book cover</SmallImage_Height>
    <SmallImage_URL>A URL to a small sized graphic image of this book cover</SmallImage_URL>
    <SmallImage_Width>The width, in pixels, of the small sized graphic version of this book cover</SmallImage_Width>
    <Title>The book title</Title>
    <store>Which store this data was fetched from (ie,,,, etc)</store>
            <item>Topics that this book should be classified under</item>
            <item>The BookMooch user ids of people who have given this book away -- does no imply that the
                transaction actually completed (ie, could have been cancelled afterwards)</item>
            <item>The BookMooch user ids of people who have mooched (received) this book -- does no imply
                that the transaction actually completed (ie, could have been cancelled afterwards)</item>
            <item>The BookMooch user ids of people who have this book and are giving it away.  If empty,
                this means that no-one is currently giving this book away.</item>
            <item>The transaction IDs for mooches of this book, either pending or historical. You should
                look in the pending table to see if this is a currently pending mooch, and if not, look under
                the "history_received" field in userids for details about this
                completed transaction. </item>
                    <id>The BookMooch userid of a person who has this book on their wishlist</id>
                    <now>The timestamp for when this book was added to their wishlist</now>
            <now>The time the comment about the book (also known as a "book review") was made.</now>
            <userid>The userid of the person who made the comment about the book</userid>
            <comment>The comment text itself</comment>
        <item>the ASIN of a book that BookMooch thinks readers of this book might be interested in.  Note that
		the recommendations are calculated from several variables, and are cached for up to several weeks, whereupon
		they are recalculated when someone visits the book page on BookMooch.  Only books that are moochable at the
		time the recommendations were calculated are recommended. The recommendations are based on a point system,
		looking at what others who have read this book have also mooched, but also what they have/are giving away,
		though books they have/are giving are less important for the algorithm than books they mooched.
		The sort order of the recommendations is relevant: the most recommended books are listed first.</item>

Data for the following fields are provided by Amazon's partnership program, which requires you to attribute the source of the data if you use it in your own publicly-viewable application: "Author, Binding, DetailPageURL, Edition, EditorialReview_Content, EditorialReview_Source, ISBN, LargeImage_Height, LargeImage_URL, LargeImage_Width, ListPrice_Amount, ListPrice_CurrencyCode ListPrice_FormattedPrice, MediumImage_Height, MediumImage_URL, MediumImage_Width, NumberOfPages, PackageDimensions_Height, PackageDimensions_Length, PackageDimensions_Size_Units, PackageDimensions_Weight PackageDimensions_Weight_Units, PackageDimensions_Width, ProductGroup, PublicationDate, Publisher, SalesRank, SmallImage_Height, SmallImage_URL, SmallImage_Width, Title, Topics"

All data on BookMooch (excepting that covered by the Amazon copyright) is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. The data is also available under different licensing terms by special arrangement with BookMooch.