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aganmooch (Germany) : member bio

Name: aganmooch (Germany) (on vacation)
Userid: aganhbmooch

Inventory: 0
Points: 11.8
Mooched/given: 1236/982
Pending mooch/give: 6/7
Mooch ratio: 1.36:1

Wishlist: 1656
Feedback: +977
Smooches: 56
Charitable gifts: 9
Charity received: 18
Friends: 42
Cancelled requests: 73
Books receiving lost: 20
Books sending lost: 8
Rejected requests: 11

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/02/18
Last here: 41 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Germany

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
Keine Haustiere, aber Raucherhaushalt.

Ich sammle alle Mooches einer Woche und verschicke normalerweise am Sonnabend. Wer es eilig hat, möge sich bitte melden, dann versuche ich, es schneller zu schaffen.

We do not have any pets, but I am a smoker (not indoors, lately, but still a lot of books have been exposed to indoor smoke). I also buy a lot of used books and frequently put mooched books back into my inventory, so if you have any concerns, please ask me and I will try to give you more accurate descriptions.

I usually collect all mooches for one week and mail them on saturday. International mooches are sent the cheapest way possible, which is surface mail, and may thus take some time to get to you, depending on where you live. US and Canada usually takes 2-3 weeks. Australia may take up to three months or even more, but I´ve also had mooches get there in little more than seven days.

I am a raveler also (UserID agaknit), so if you are a fellow fiber-crafts person, please let me know when you mooch from me and I will try to enclose some fiber-related goodie with your mooch (weight permitting, that is).

Due to the recent increase in the cost of postage abroad, I am now on a mailing budget, if that is used up, I will have to delay sending further mooches until the next month. To make up to this, and because postage is the same up to 500 g, I will try to put in a second surprise book whenever possible. If you do NOT want extra books, please let me know! I may also have to refuse sending very heavy books (more than a kg)

I am a voracious reader with too little shelf space, so I think this is a great idea. I read almost anything I can get my hands on (even phone books in a pinch) and very seldom put a book away half-read (ETA this has changed since I joined BM, since there is always a huge TBR waiting...) I am not a strictly monogamous reader ;-), meaning I frequently read two or more books at the same time, sometimes because one of them is difficult or heavy going so I cannot take more than a little at a time and need something "lighter" for recreational breaks, sometimes because I can´t resist dipping into newly arrived books and get suctioned into continuing.

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