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Points Explained

In order to mooch books from others, you need to earn points which you use up as you get free books from other people.

You earn points when you:

  • Type books in: enter books you own and want to give away. Each book typed in gets you 1/10th of a point.
  • Give books away: respond to a mooch request, and send your book to them. 1 point awarded, 3 points if sent to another country.
You use up points when:
  • Mooching Books: each book you receive costs you 1 point, 3 points if it was postal mailed from another country.
  • Charities: you can give your points to worthwhile charities we work with.
Some additional facts:
  • 2:1 ratio: you have to send out at least 1 book for every 2 you receive. If you don't keep this ratio up, you won't be able to mooch any books, even if you have the points, until you improve your ratio. Sending internationally counts as 3 books.
  • Feedback score: if your feedback score is bad, people may refuse your mooch requests. Efficient response and well-packaged books in good condition earn good feedback points.
  • Lost in the mail: if a book is "lost in the mail" the sender gets their point anyway, and the receiver doesn't lose a point. You're allowed a limited number of "books lost in the mail" in order for us to limit possible fraud.
Points summary:

    Add a book to inventory+1/10th
    Give away book (within your country)+1
    Mooch a book (within your country)-1
    Give away book (to another country)+3
    Mooch a book (from another country)-3